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The listing information of SUNSET COVE LAKE HOMES TM, built by Sunset Cove Ltd., is available at the Sunset Cove Development & Sales Office. All Homes built by Sunset Cove Ltd. are quality homes and come with a Builders Warranty. Planned home packages include floor plans and elevations along with price and construction specifications, interior and exterior specifications. All pre-construction packages disclose the materials and equipment used in a Sunset Cove home. Prices, including the lot, range from $395,500 to $495,000. The homes offer a wide variety of floor plans ranging from 2,500 sq. ft. to 3,750 sq. ft. of living space. All homes are of high quality construction materials and workmanship and include such products as Jacuzzi, GE appliances, Andersen windows and Delta faucets.

Lots Available for Sale

18 Lots Available (77 Sold)

(Lot Size in Linear Feet)
Approximate Size - Survey Required
(Includes Excavation) *House plans available for additional cost

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** Sunset Cove Ltd. has reserved or sold this lot for a Sunset Cove Lake HomeTM built by Sunset Cove Ltd. See Listing for details.

Prices subject to change without notice. Information furnished does not represent the entire By-Laws and Declarations. A complete set of Covenants and Declarations of Sunset Cove Condominiums are available from the Sunset Cove COA office.

Lot/Home Information

Sunset Cove is available to build a home on your lot, or you may use a general contractor of your choice

Building Covenants

Plans required for approval include:

1. Complete set of construction plans
2. Landscape plans
3. Tree excavation plans
4. Topographical plans

The Developer's Architectural Control Committee is granted the exclusive right to approve all the house plans according to the covenants. Variances to the square footage requirements may be applied for and in certain circumstances granted by the Architectural Control Committee. Contractor restrictions and requirements apply.

Square Foot Minimum for Homes

2 Story - 3,000 total sq. ft. minimum required (1,500 sq ft per floor)
Multi level, split level or walkout level - 2,500 sq. ft. total minimum
1 story - 1,700 sq. ft. minimum

The above mentioned list of Covenants give only the minimum square footage required. They do not represent the entire Covenants and Declarations. Sunset Cove COA requires approval of General Contractor. A complete set of Covenants and Declarations of Sunset Cove Estates are available from the Sunset Cove COA office.

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